Posted on Sep 2, 2014

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Cross Country

Although the fall sports are just beginning, the members of the cross country team have been preparing all summer for their upcoming season; their sport requires them to run all year round. While this causes some to question their sanity, the team has an atmosphere of comradery and fun that makes the hard work all worthwhile. Their Head Coach, Mark Mandi, is always sure to remind his team of God’s central roles in their lives, and in their sport. The team agrees that the most memorable moment of the last cross country season was when they invited the other teams to pray with them before the Conference Championship meet. All the teams stood hand-in-hand in a circle, praying for their opponent’s’ races as well as their own. They hope that this season, they can continue to glorify God in this manner.  Their first meet is on September 19th in Portland, Oregon.

Men’s Soccer

The men’s soccer team has big goals for their season this fall, including winning a conference championship and earning a playoff spot in the conference tournament. But to achieve these goals, they know that first and foremost they have to work together well as a team, and they have been focused on doing just that. The players have been bonding and training together since their soccer camp started on August 3rd, after which they traveled to Trout Lake, Washington for a team camp. Head Coach Gary McIntosh commented, “Training is going well and we are making good strides as a group.” They have also made it a priority to honor God in their actions on field. They love and appreciate the support of their fellow Northwest University students, and hope that everyone will come cheer them on during their next game on August 26th and the rest of the season.


On and off the court, the volleyball team values leadership and sees it as a vital aspect of success. Their captains, Malisa Marasigan and Arika Zwack, “model our Core Values of Relationships, Tenacity, Commitment, Sacrifice, Composure, and Joy, and help ensure that all team members are accountable to these values”, says Head Coach Steve Bain. This has helped them to build a strong team that plays at a high level no matter what combination of players are on the court. Their strength is found not only in their returners, but in their new players as well. As a team, their main goal of the season is to value the time they have together, to see it as a gift. The lives of college students can be demanding and hectic, but the volleyball team knows if they keep this goal in mind, they can make the most of their season, improving themselves as individuals and the team as a whole. Their first home game is on September 9th.

Women’s Soccer

This year, the women’s soccer team is also known as “The Squad”. What may seem to be just a fun nickname means so much more to this group of ladies. The name they have choses for themselves emulates the unity they have; they are a group that works hard and plays together, supporting each other in order to reach their goals. They are also a part of God’s squad; they want their ambitions to match up with His. The team is striving to use the gifts that God has given them in a way that demonstrates His will. The comradery and faith that they share are important steps towards their goals of performing better than last year, going to nationals, and becoming nationally ranked. Head Coach Vallan Seid feels that the season has started off well and that this year the team came ready to play with good attitudes. Their next game is August 29th at Central Washington University.