Posted: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 10:15 pm

Amy Reuter, nutrition consultant and current chairman of the American Heart Association’s Puget Sound “My Heart, My Life” Committee, will be sharing her expertise on how to live a healthier life at Northwest University’s “Fight the Freshman 15” event on November 5th at 7 PM in HSC 104.

“Fight the Freshmen 15” is in a partnership with Professor Gary Gillespie’s Professional Synthesis class and the Wellness Center at NU. In addition to featuring Reuter’s healthy lifestyle tips, healthy snacks will be provided. NU students will be granted a spiritual life credit for attending the event.

Reuter said that she will answer questions regarding why people feel better when they eat healthier and how the human body reacts chemically with certain foods. She will explain how the depression that some people feel during their time in college might be caused by a lack of vitamins.

The U.S. has been experiencing a health crisis for years as bad eating habits have combined with a sedentary life style, culminating in obesity, heart conditions, and other medical complications that might be resolved by a change in diet and lifestyle habits.

For college-aged individuals such changes can be especially important. Weight gain and depression seem to be affecting the college age demographic more than ever before. In response to this, Reuter aims to inform students on how to become healthier, feel better, and have an overall more positive experience during their time in college.