Posted: Monday, April 25, 2016 6:15 pm

According to the American Psychology Association (APA), spacing out study sessions in smaller increments has been proven to improve long-term memory and help with knowledge retention. Here are some suggestions of what to do during your study breaks:

Green E Juice – Kirkland, WA

This is the perfect place to take a break and recover. They’re known for their smoothies and fresh squeezed juice but sell delicious soups and sandwiches as well.

Log Boom Park – Kenmore, WA

Take a trip to the tip of Lake Washington to experience the idyllic setting. You can watch the calm water and sea planes taking off. Don’t forget to bring some bread for the ducks!

Washington Park Arboretum – Seattle, WA

If you like the outdoors this place is for you. The 230-acre park contains a variety

of rare plants and scenic trails.

Not everyone will have the time to go out and explore, so here are some tips about how to make it through those excruciating study binges here at Northwest:

Listen to classical music while studying

USC news reported that listening to classical music without dynamic volume changes can reduce blood pressure and anxiety. Spotify has several classical playlists designed specifically for studying.

Change your study location

If you’ve been doing all of your studying in your dorm consider another setting. Changing your location can help you to better retain the material and retrieve the information on exam days.

Get up and walk around

If you’re struggling to concentrate it may be time to step away from your computer and take a quick walk. According to the APA, exercise improves cognitive function. Taking breaks and exercising will help bring you solace in this stressful time.