Posted: Tuesday, March 29, 2016 6:00 pm

There will be about 100-200 perspective students visiting Northwest University on Thursday, March 31st and Friday, April 1st for NU Unplugged, and hosts are still needed for the event. NU Unplugged is an event put on by the NU admissions team every year for students who have been accepted to the university. It is meant to be a “day in the life of a NU student” experience that will encourage them to join our community.

Andy Hall, the Director of Admissions at NU, is gearing up for NU Unplugged with strong vision and energy, and he needs your help. This is his first year putting on the event and with the attendance of all Northwest Fridays this year having been higher than ever before, he expects that there will be a big crowd on campus. His said his goal stepping into this event is that current students would “showcase Northwest and help students decide that this really is the community that they want to be a part of”.

Andy’s hope is that we, as current students, would “be genuine and share about the great experiences that they have had here”, and that the perspective students that come “hear from current students and experience firsthand, just how awesome Northwest is”. Andy said he urges students to be honest about their experiences here and how they have been shaped to be who they are through the easy and hard times at Northwest.

Current NU freshman, Madison Fairfield, said that attending NU Unplugged was the most influential factor in helping her choose the university. “I was able to see what campus life was like firsthand, while getting to meet current and other perspective students. After visiting NU, I knew that I could see myself fitting into that community,” said Fairfield. Her experience with the faculty, students, and especially her hosts, led her here.

Perspective students will arrive on Thursday evening and join us for dinner, NU Showcase and late night fun and food in the residence halls. They will then stay the night with their hosts and attend Friday classes, chapel, and a BBQ lunch to cap-off the visit.

If you would like to help these students feel welcomed by being a host, sign up by emailing