Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 3:00 pm

Many students have started to notice the nearly bare food shelves at Northwest University’s Aerie Café this semester. According to Sarah Pearce, the lead manager for the Aerie, complications with food suppliers paired with budget concerns have halted a majority of the inbound food shipments. Pearce is employed under Pioneer College Caterers – the food service company contracted by NU to oversee both the Caf and Aerie. In the past, their food was supplied by Costco, but Pioneer recently started using Cisco, a popular nationwide food vendor.

Pearce said, “Before we begin buying bulk [perishable] food items, we want to have a firm idea of what choices are going to be most popular, and what choices we should do away with this year.”

Pearce’s staff is accomplishing this by recording purchasing trends and keeping track of what food choices will be most popular. The Aerie is hoping to expand their food options in other ways as well.

Cindy Fonseca, the Aerie’s assistant manager said “We are brainstorming ways to get student’s feedback.”

Several students said they would like to see fresh fruit.

Sophomore, Sarah Valdez said “Blueberry muffins, and fresh fruit. They definitely need more fresh fruit.”

Some of the Aerie’s customers do not generally buy food, but still offered their input.

Freshman, Hailey Deleon said “I usually just come for coffee. But I would be happy to see breakfast sandwiches being served.”

Aerie management is noting students’ concerns. As lead manager, Pearce expressed her desire to make some minor upgrades to the Aerie – such as a new panini press, toaster oven, and mini fridge.

Pearce said, “I want to make the best use of our budget.”

Despite these understandable budget concerns, management does not have an idea of when students can begin to expect more food choices from the Aerie. Pierce did mention, however, that in the meantime she is hoping to have more breakfast options available.

Students are welcome to email The Talon with any preferences or ideas for the Aerie at The Talon staff will pass along any student feedback regarding Aerie food ideas to management.