Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2016 6:00 pm

Screaming Eagles Week is set for the week of October 3-7. Northwest University’s spirit week is a time for games, competition, and fun. SEW creates an opportunity to build relationships with sibling floors and to bond as a campus over the week of lively challenges.

Larissa Leifer, Director of Community Life said, “Screaming Eagles Week, to me, is a fun, school spirit-filled, healthy competition, where the foundation is building community.”

Several changes have been made to SEW’s previously set traditions. The biggest change this year is that the floors will not be decorated. Due to the stress it placed on students last year, the floor decorating will not be a part of SEW. Traditionally, each floor would decorate either the brother floor or the sister floor following with a theme that changed annually. The music video and the floor entrance will still require a theme.

Lauren Curry, Student Activities Chair said, “If you’re on the Hive, your theme is going to be the Hive. So you can do anything related to bees… you can be totally creative with it.”

Screaming Eagles Week is the opportunity to work with your floor as a team, to strive for the honor of receiving the Stump. It is a week not to be missed.

Monday 10/3, 10pm in the Pavilion: Dodgeball

Dodgeball is the traditional kick-off event for SEW. The competition ignites as each floor faces each other for the first time.

Tuesday 10/4, 9pm on the Green: Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers is a new addition to SEW. It is a campus-wide game. However, the game will not follow the traditional rules, as the competition will be between the seven different teams.

Wednesday 10/5, all day (due at 7pm): Bigger and Better

Each floor will receive a paperclip and must go to local neighborhood homes to ask for something bigger and better than the previous item they received. Keep in mind, no items will be returned, and the final item will be kept by faculty series.

Thursday 10/6, 8pm in the Chapel: Music video showing

This year there are no overarching themes for the music videos as there have been in the past. There still will be a theme for each floor.

Friday 10/7, 8pm in the Pavilion: Eagle Olympics

Eagle Olympics include the floor entrance, several floor games, the RA challenge, and finally, the awarding of the Stump to the team with the highest amount of accumulated points by the end of the week.