Posted: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 1:00 pm

By Kelly Grant

(From Left to Right) Jordan Thompson, Kristina Lafferty, Teal Gonzales, Johnathan Swayne, Ulises Ponce


Northwest University students put together an evening of music, poetry, and art in an effort to raise awareness and money for the refugees of Iraq and Syria affected by ISIS.

The violence caused by ISIS in these nations has forced many civilians to flee their homes. All the money from the event went to World Vision, who is providing camps for these refugees who desperately need food, water, and shelter.

The event stemmed from a project for the Interpersonal Communication class at NU, where students had to choose one cause they wanted to support. Students Ulises Ponce, Teal Gonzales, Johnathan Swayne, Kristina Lafferty, and Jordan Thompson decided to assist those affected by ISIS.

The event consisted of several musical performances from NU students, including singer/songwriter Isaac Peabody, musician/poet Johnathan Swayne, and indie-pop cover band Connor and the Hedgehogs. NU professors also contributed; Jeremiah Webster shared a few of his own poems addressing pain and suffering, and Gary Gillespie donated his art.

The group is still accepting financial donations towards the cause here: