Posted: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 8:30 pm

Spring Break is something we all count down to, but when it finally arrives we often have no plans for it. All we could plan for was to make it to break, to survive all the assignments and work demands. Now break is here and you may be wondering, “What am I going to do after I sleep for a few days straight and binge-watch my favorite show?”

Here are some fun, quick Spring Break ideas that require little planning and will allow you to make great memories:

1. Explore an unfamiliar city.

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place for exploration. We live by some great destinations full of awaited adventures, but with our noses constantly in our books we usually miss out on them. Take a trip for a day or two to some major cities located right around us, such as Portland, Leavenworth, Ocean Shores, Cannon Beach, or Lake Chelan. These are local destinations that hold unique lodging, food, and various activities.

2. Do a full day of Disney.

Grab a car full of friends and start your drive to sunny California! Take the full day of driving to discover the ultimate road trip playlist, while making memories in the random towns you will stop in. Stay a night or two in California, but most importantly commit a whole day to Disneyland. Be at the park gates when it opens and be in the flood of people leaving when it closes.

3. Play tourist in our city.

Seattle is a world renowned destination with many attractions and rich history. A very inexpensive Spring Break trip is getting on the bus and heading downtown to the waterfront. Maybe you have never gone to Pike’s Place, traveled to the top of the Space Needle, visited the Seattle Troll, or seen the view from Gasworks Park. If not, do it! If you have done all these things and want to switch it up, take a Segway tour around these Seattle spots! Groupon has deals on these tours now.

4. Get in the water at Great Wolf Lodge.

You don’t need 80-degree weather to enjoy this waterpark! The Great Wolf Lodge is just a couple hours away, and is a hotel with a built-in, indoor waterpark. When you book a night at the hotel, you get access to the waterpark. This is a great ‘stay-cation’ resort near us.

5. Take a ferry and explore.

Ferry rides in Washington are breathtaking no matter what the weather looks like. Take a ferry to a close-by location like the San Juan Islands, Whidbey Island, or Bainbridge Island. Bring your car or bike to see what the islands have to offer.