Posted: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 8:00 am

If you have been a student at Northwest University for any amount of time, chances are you have heard of End Scene Improv. End Scene is an Improv troupe led by the students, for the students, and their weekly performances have become a popular event on campus.

With whimsical comedy and creative games, End Scene hopes to create an environment where stressed and burdened college students can relax for an hour, forget the troubles of the day, and laugh.

End Scene Improv welcomes all who can attend; from freshman to seniors, athletes to mathletes, all students can come and participate for free. Even professors have been known to come and partake. End Scene attracts non-NU students as well; they come with friends and family to enjoy some light-hearted humor.

Arianna Strid, a non-NU student and frequent attender of End Scene, said “I like all the differing/eccentric personalities on the Improv team and how well everyone works together!” Strid commented on the team’s obvious chemistry and friendships with each other on the team; “It makes everything entertaining and funny. I can tell they all have a lot of fun doing it too,” she said.

This year some big changes have been made in the team. Since most of the recent team has either graduated or moved on, there were more open spots on the team than usual. Last week, End Scene welcomed five new faces to the roster. They almost outnumbered the amount of returning cast.

Marlene Pierce, current cast member and former president of End Scene, said that it was certainly a historic moment for the group. “I’m excited for the new people,” said Pierce. “I think that there are some really good improvisers joining End Scene and I think they can add a lot to our team and our performances.”

Pierce believes the team will grow and change with all of the fresh perspectives. She said she is interested to see the new generation of Improv that will establish itself in the next few semesters.

With fresh faces and new energy, End Scene is jumping into the semester ready to make people laugh and have a good time. End Scene Improv is an essential part of the thriving Northwest community. With new theme nights, prizes and games, Improv wants to promote a healthy spirit of fun on campus and be a welcome respite every week from the stresses of college life.

Performances are Thursdays from 9-10 PM in Millard Hall.