Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 9:15 pm

Northwest University’s Choralons choir spent six days of spring break in Las Vegas ministering to various churches and organizations through worship and prayer. Each year, Choralons has the opportunity to spend the duration of spring break serving and performing at churches in different states. One of the highlights of this year’s choir tour was that they not only traveled to various churches in Las Vegas, but also to Teen Challenge ministries in the area.

Teen Challenge is an organization that ministers to youth struggling with various addictions. Macray Jerome, a NU junior in Choralons, said that he could feel a real sense of victory rising up in the hearts of Teen Challenge students in Las Vegas, “Las Vegas is one of those places where people just accept that it’s “sin city” and let the enemy have control. But these people refused to fall into that. I could see God giving them victory,” said Jerome.

This year was senior Choralons member Karesa Villareal’s fourth tour with the choir, but even she was amazed by the work God was doing in the Teen Challenge ministries. Villareal said, “It was incredible to lead worship for people that were in the teen challenge program. We got to hear their testimonies, and hear about all that God had saved them from and then sing about His grace. It was such a reminder of the power of the cross.”

Ali Gaytan, another member of Choralons, said that she was blown away by how the Lord used this tour to create a spirit of unity in the Choralons members. Gaytan said, “The Holy Spirit not only worked through us to the churches that we were singing to, but also within the individuals in the choir. Specifically relationally; we left tour as such a united group. I can boldly say there are no clicks and everyone is willing to put aside their differences to see the Lord move.”

This year’s Choralons tour beyond exceeded expectations. Not only was the group able to minister through the Teen Challenge program, but they were able to grow together through Christ.

Although the trip may be over, Choralons is continuing to share God’s love in their local tours to churches in the area