Posted: Friday, March 6, 2015 7:45 am

By Alayna Wood

Photo by Luke Pamer


For students looking to break up the monotony of midterms and kick-off their spring break early, the Apartment Representatives hosted an open mic night in the community room on Wednesday, March 4th.

This successful event provided students with a fun study break and chapel credit as they supported their peers who performed musical and comedy acts. The night was structured into two parts with a brief intermission.

The first part of the night was opened by Noel Pai- Young, junior, and Micah Atwood, senior, who each prepared musical performances. Marlene Pierce, junior, followed their acts with a stand up comedy routine. A performance by Chase Estes, senior, and graduate Isaac Peabody finished the first half of the night.

A ten-minute intermission allowed students to visit the refreshment table for s’mores and hot chocolate.

The second half of the night started off with Jessica McDaniel and Joel Christopher performing a cover of Nick Jonas’ “Jealous.” Niko Johnson and Donald Kimball performed an original parody they wrote called, “Hill Song” and graduate Taylor Swanby performed an original song entitled, “Confrontation.”

Senior TJ Lukkasson followed with a more serious cover by the band Brand New. Followed by Leanna Crawford’s performance of an original song. Finally, the night came to a close with a performance of “Put Your Records On” by Siobhon McManus.