Posted: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 2:19 pm

By Alayna Wood


NU senior, Isaac Peabody, released his first solo EP, Steps, this September and it is now available for download on iTunes.

Peabody said he named his album Steps as an analogy for taking one step at a time through life. The idea for the album essentially came from the feeling of uncertainty that often comes when trying to figure out what comes next.

“A lot of the album is focused on trusting in God in the midst of times while I’m waiting to graduate, waiting for my first job, and learning to be content, in the in between,” explained Peabody.

He describes his sound as Pop with a heavy Indie and Blues influence. His inspiration comes from artist such as Switchfoot, Civil Wars, and the Black Keys.

Peabody’s music draws from several different genres and his dedication to giving each song a unique and distinct sound is evident throughout the album.

Ultimately, he wants his music to convey a message of hope to those listening and he says that, “even if all of his songs aren’t explicitly about Jesus, he hopes his faith can be reflected in his art.”

“I want to deal with the hard stuff and write about coming through it. If my music is not helping other people get through difficult times, then what is the point?” said Peabody.

As he gets ready to graduate this December, he is looking forward to the next phase in his life. He plans on pursuing his music and taking as many opportunities he can to get it out there for people to hear.