Posted: Monday, October 10, 2016 5:27 pm

The quest for education, knowledge, and the power of pen and paper has been around for several centuries, and this journey has led people all over the world. The abundant opportunities to attend school in a foreign country are evidence of our unquenchable thirst to travel the world while continuing our education. This can be done through student Visas, foreign exchange programs, and study abroad programs. Northwest University is one of many colleges that provides international students with an opportunity to study in the United States.

The International Student advisor, Daniel DeWhitt, said, “Northwest University has 131 international Students, classified under F-1 Visa (Student Visa) and the CELE (Center for English Language Education) program. The CELE program focuses on teaching students who do not speak [English] as their first language or come from countries that do not speak English.”

DeWhitt, said, “There has been a 68% increase over the last two years of the total number of international students admitted to Northwest University, and 26 countries have been represented. China is the most represented due to the ESL…and India is the second due to the MBA programs”.

One of the 26 countries represented is South Korea. These students come from sister schools of NU in South Korea.  One of these sister schools is Soongsil University, a mission university in Seoul, South Korea, whose mission is, “Providing lifelong education through its founding principle of truth and service.”

One such student is Jueun Lee (PHOTO), a foreign exchange student from Soongsil University in South Korea. Lee is 21-years-old and is a Political Science major. Lee is attending NU for one semester.

1. What are some comparisons between where you live and our campus?

“Seattle is very calm compared to Seoul, which is very crowded and very hectic. Also, people in Seattle love walking down to the lakes and spending time with their families. In Seoul, on the other hand, everyone is always working.”

2. What are your favorite things about Seattle?

“I love seeing the night sky in Seattle, I do not get to see many stars in Seoul at night, and I have found myself praying, Lord, please let me live under the skies of Seattle.”

3. What are some comparisons between Northwest University and Soongsil University?

“Both schools love music, I am taking Choralons with Brenda and she is very passionate about her class. In Soongsil, they have a campus choir that performs similar musical concerts in the community in Seoul. In both my psychology classes here at NU and Soongsil, the teacher requires us to write journals or reflections. I found this very fascinating.”

4. In your opinion, how is the relationship between domestic students and international students?

“Everyone at NU is very nice, kind, and generous; everyone wants to spend more time wanting to know you, and this makes me smile.”

5. What is the interaction between the international students and the professors?

“Most students are afraid and hesitate to talk to professors because of the cultural differences. I think that the students need not to be afraid, the professors here at NU are really nice.”

6. Do you have any advice for your fellow international students?

“Please don’t be afraid, get to know a professor, ask questions, and the little efforts you make can make a difference. Also, have fun, go jump in the lake, if you know how to swim (laughs). Walk down to the lake, go hiking, and enjoy life when you can.”

7. What will you say about NU when you get back to Seoul?

“The student government is awesome; the resident advisors are great. NU is a dream school for those who want to seek God, worship Him, and make friends at the same time. I participated in the 24-hour prayer session and it was powerful. NU is definitely a place where you study and at the same time interact with people who love God.”