Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 6:00 pm

Tight on cash? There are a number of inexpensive, fun, and effective ways to workout right at your fingertips. Here are 10 ways to turn those flabs to solid abs on a budget.

1. YouTube Videos: There are free videos for almost any workout. You want to dance? Check out Zumba. Stressed? Find your Zen with some yoga.  Some popular series are Blogilates, 8 Minutes Abs, and Fitnessblender. If you are unsure, check it out and decide for yourself!

2. Hiking: The Northwest is known for its beautiful outdoors. Hit the trail with friends by joining the NU Outdoor Recreation Program.  Some hikes to look forward to are Oyster Dome, Harry’s Ridge, and Mount Dickerman. Contact Austin Johnson for more information at

3. Playgrounds: Teacher and fitness instructor Michelle Branson said, “utilize your local parks. Swing on monkey bars, do triceps dips, pull-ups, squats and run a couple laps. There’s a reason kids can run forever, because they constantly swing and jump around”.  Some great parks within walking distance from campus are North Rose Hill Woodlands Park, Crestwoods Park Athletic Fields, and Houghton Beach Park.

4. Ten for Ten Deals: Check out specialty studios such as Hot Yoga Inc. to get ten classes for ten dollars. Without this deal it would cost $149 so snag the ten for ten while you can!

5. Get to Know Your Neighborhood: Kirkland has sidewalks almost everywhere. Take some time to get to know what’s happening in your community by walking the city. Next time you go to dinner or the grocery store take a stroll instead of spending gas money.

6. Count Steps: Most smart phones already have step trackers. Aim for 10,000 steps a day and you will have a healthy body in no time! Iphones have a health app built in that will track steps. There are also several step apps. The Pacer app can be downloaded for free.

7. Google: Two blocks away at the Google complex you will find a state of the art recreation center that is completely free and open to the public. It includes a sand volleyball court, basketball court, a zipline, a crossfit center, and much more! Go check out the brand new facility!

8. Pokémon Go: The fitness director at Fitness Together, Rebecca Thompson, said “Pokemon Go is great because it gets people of all ages outside socializing while promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

9. NU Eagle Center: NU has a full gym set up that any student can utilize that is included in tuition.  Lee University student, Jaime Shores, said, “In college, it was great that there was a Campus Rec. Center available. I had never worked out so much. I didn’t gain the freshmen fifteen or the sophomore 30!”

10. Mountain Biking: If you don’t have a bike, start asking around. This area is full of bike trails that are waiting to be ridden. Just 20 minutes out of Kirkland, you can find Paradise Valley Conservation Trail. It’s completely free and open to the public and a great place to bike. It is also near the Maltby Café if you get a bit hungry after a long bike session.