Posted: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 6:00 pm

Tired of eating the same meals in the Caf? There are a number of inexpensive and delicious places to eat just minutes from campus! Here are six great and cheap eats in Kirkland.

1. Brown Bag Café

Address: 12217 NE 116th St. Kirkland

Travel time from NU: 7 minutes

Price Range: $10-15

Known for: Huge portions

The Brown Bag Café’s motto tells the truth: “No Sissy Food Here”. If you are looking to bring some leftovers back to your dorm room or apartment, this is the restaurant for you! Good news for you breakfast lovers: breakfast is served all day! Ranging from their homemade cinnamon roll french toast to their massive omelets, Brown Bag Café is also well known for their delicious lunch. They offer a large selection from a juicy Bacon Cheeseburger to an appetizing Deli sandwich.

2. Tres Hermanos

Address: 12821 NE 85th St. Kirkland

Travel time from NU: 8 minutes

Price Range: $8-15

Known for: Authentic Mexican atmosphere and food

If you are looking for a truly authentic Mexican restaurant with delicious food and a fun atmosphere, Tres Hermanos is your spot! Besides the standard burrito and enchilada, Tres Hermanos offers a variety of small combinations and large combinations as well as a vegetarian selection. Their large array of nachos is particularly appetizing as well. With bottomless chips and salsa throughout your meal, Tres Hermanos is the best Mexican spot in Kirkland.

3. Healthy Bonez

Address: 1720 Market St. Kirkland

Travel time from NU: 9 minutes

Price Range: $8-11

Known for: Deliciously healthy smoothies and yogurt bowls

Despite only being open for a little over a year, Healthy Bonez is a hot spot of Kirkland with the wait time for a smoothie or bowl exceeding 30 minutes during peak hours. If you don’t want to wait in line at this popular destination, you can order online or try their new feature: ordering via text. They will email (or text) you back a time that your bowl will be ready and you can beat the line and pick it up! The vibrant colors and fresh fruit make them taste as good as they look!

4. Sarduccis

Address: 955 6th St S Kirkland

Travel time from NU: 3 minutes (12 minutes walking)

Price Range: $5-9

Known for: Mouthwatering sub sandwiches

Sarduccis prides itself as having the best subs in town. When the Seahawks facility was located at NU, the players would often grab a sub at Sarducci’s. Whether you’re craving a cold sub or hot sub or even a calzone, Sarduccis only serves the best with quality ingredients and friendly service.

5. Acropolis

Address: 500 Central Way Kirkland

Travel time from NU: 6 minutes

Price Range: $8-21

Known for: Unique variety of Greek and Italian food

Walking into Acropolis makes me feel like I am walking into Dancing Zorba’s from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. While Acropolis has that same authentic, family owned Greek culture, they also have amazing Italian food. They offer pizza, grinders, pasta, and salads. My most favorite combo is the lunch special. You can choose a half grinder and a soup or salad for only $8.50!

6. Metropolitan Market

Address: 10611 NE 68th St Kirkland

Travel time for NU: 2 minutes (10 minutes walking)

Price Range: $3-12

Known for: Healthy, local, and fresh food

Besides just a grocery store, the Metropolitan Market (A.K.A. The Met) offers an expansive deli with fresh and local food. Their soup is one of their literally hottest items as well as metaphorically. With over ten choices of savory soup and free saltine crackers, it is the perfect combination. Another perfect combination The Met offers in their deli is for $9.99, you can score half a rotisserie chicken and two sides! Perfect to bring back some leftovers or share with two people!