Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 6:00 pm

Valentine’s Day, a day dreaded by most. Whether in a relationship or not, there is pressure for something magical to happen on that oh-so-glorious day. The reality? A high percentage of unimpressed significant others and those who are single. Hipster couples have their beanies, their perfect Instagram shots on a bridge that everyone has been to by now, and their many, many coffee shops. Preppy couples have their Starbucks, endless sappy, positive quotes, and way too many #mcm or #wcw on their social media. But what do Northwest University couples have? They have chapel, the Aerie, and the lounges of GPC and Perks.

Couples in the lounges at school bother me. They bother a lot of people. I understand those who are there to do homework for a few hours; those aren’t the ones I am talking about. I’m talking about the couples in the lounge who stay there all day, all afternoon, and then all night.

I’ll admit I was once a lounge couple, but that quickly stopped when I realized how annoying it was moving my entire room out in an open lounge like so many do. Do I really have to tiptoe around people’s old coffee cups, blankets, wires, and extension plugins? I get when you first start dating the stars shine brighter, the Aerie has good coffee all of a sudden, and there is this new sense that life is amazing. However, please keep the local NU population in the dark about your love life. No one wants to see that. Thank you.

And just in case you all think love is hopeless, here’s a simple reminder that it does exist and does in fact result in good things. Below is my grandpa Trevor Harris’ description of my grandma and their marriage of 50 years.

“As you progress in age, companionship becomes very, very important. Why do I love Valerie? Because she’s a real and stabilizing force in my life. They say opposites attract and she’s a good balance for me. She’s got a strong personality and she brings a real strength to this marriage. As we have drawn closer to the Lord we have then drawn closer to one another. I cannot visualize my life without her.”