Posted: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 6:00 pm

Matthew Bellinger is the newest faculty member to Northwest University’s Communication Department. Bellinger has been at NU since the fall of 2016 and is currently teaching Message Design and Intro to Human Communication.

Bellinger decided to go into teaching because he wants his students to have the same experience that he had during his college years.

“My undergraduate experience was fantastic,” Bellinger said, “It was one of the best experiences of my life—the most simulating environment. It helped me grow intellectually and as a person; I very much want to share that experience with others.”

Bellinger’s favorite aspect of teaching is having strong discussions with his students. He appreciates it when he and his students think of ways to solve a problem.

“The days I enjoy the most are the days that we have a problem that even I don’t have an answer to and we just sit and talk it out and try to figure out how to make sense of it,” said Bellinger.

Bellinger’s connection to NU came from friend and fellow NU faculty member, Dr. William Mari. They first met at the University of Washington where they shared an office, taught similar courses, and became friends.

“When he [Mari] came to Northwest, he was kind of my connection here and let me know that they needed someone to help teach classes here—that was my ‘in.’”

Mari believes Bellinger is a welcome addition to the communication department at NU.

“His focus on teaching has been a natural fit for our campus community,” Mari said, “I appreciate how he continues to give good ideas away to his fellow faculty, engage students in rewarding conversations and generally exude a depth of winsomeness and warmth that usually develops with time.”

In his free time, Bellinger volunteers at the Union for Academic Students Employees (UASE). The union mainly consists of graduate students that are doing some form of academic work for UW. Through UASE, Bellinger has also been involved with various social issues and activism, such as the recent immigration protests.

“Most recently it has been kind of related to the executive order concerning immigration and refugees and we’ve organized a response,” said Bellinger.

Bellinger’s involvement in the union has been health care related but he has recently dealt more with public relations and communication.

Bellinger is currently working on finishing his Ph.D. in Communication at UW. When finished, he wants to continue teaching and continue his research in rhetoric and technology.

“I’m particularly interested in the narratives, metaphors, tropes, and arguments that people use to make sense of new technologies, and the process by which new technologies move from being unfamiliar and anxiety-inducing to familiar and routinized,” said Bellinger.

When he is not teaching or working on his Ph.D., Bellinger plays music, specifically guitar. He also enjoys recording as a way to creatively express himself.