Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2017 6:00 pm

While many college students will be enjoying some rest and relaxation over spring break, the 118 students who make up the Northwest Choralons will be spending their break touring northern California. They will depart on Mar. 3 and begin their six-day tour. They will perform in three high schools and two churches in Sacramento, along with a performance in a park, and will conduct city outreach in San Francisco.

Choralons director, Brenda Rasmussen, said preparations for this trip started months ago. Not only do the choir members take time to learn the music, but they also took time to get to know one another and spend time in prayer and devotions.

First year Choralons member, Alondra Hernandez is more than prepared to go on this trip.

“I’ve been praying for our choir and for the people down in California just about every night. I talk to God in regards to this trip, praying that we can be his hands and feet to lead his people back home,” said Hernandez.

With the trip just around the corner, one can easily imagine all the excitement buzzing around the choir.

“I am most excited about the outreach in San Francisco,” Rasmussen said. “I love when we as a choir are able to be down in the heart of a city and sing to unchurched people.”

Hernandez agreed.

“I am beyond excited to be an extension of God’s kingdom,” said Hernandez. “God has been using our choir in grand ways, and I’m excited and blessed to be apart of his plans for California.”

Rasmussen hopes the choir gets a glimpse of how big the world is and that they reach out to these communities that need the hope that their music shares.

“I think one of the biggest impacts Choralons has on communities is when people see so many students passionate about Jesus it gives them hope for the future,” said Rasmussen.

Hernandez reiterated this desire to spread hope.

“I pray that God uses our choir as a hand to reach for those who have lost hope. Hope is the theme for our services and I pray that we are able to deliver that message clearly,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez hopes this trip will break her out of her comfort zone and that God uses her in amazing new ways.

“I am so impressed with these students. Life is hard and they are making great decisions to follow Christ and be better people,” said Rasmussen.