Posted: Friday, March 17, 2017 6:00 pm

Dr. Stephanie Kerr is an assistant professor and coordinator for the exercise science department at Northwest University. The 2016-17 school year is her first year at NU and she is thoroughly enjoying her time teaching, coaching, and spending time with students. Kerr has had a gift for teaching since she was a young girl, and never went back.

“I remember when I was really young, I taught my neighbor girl how to paint—I guess I have been a teacher since I was young,” Kerr said.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Coaching and Physical Education from Washington State University in 1985, she continued on to receive her master’s degree in Exercise Science. Kerr furthered her education again when she pursued her doctorate and graduated in 2008 with her Ph.D in Education and Sports Pedagogy from the University of Idaho.

Kerr has taught at multiple schools in the United States, plus teaching online courses for a school in Iceland. She has helped coach and teach for the University of Washington, Washington State University, Pacific Lutheran University, Point Loma Nazarene University, and currently teaches classes for The Nordic Center of Excellence, a branch of the University of Iceland.

Kerr is passionate about weightlifting and seeing women and adolescents empowered through the sport that has given her so much joy throughout the years. She loves spending time with her students, and seeing their growth and creativity flourish as they pursue sports and fitness. In the future, Kerr hopes to teach a class regarding women’s studies in connection to gender social psyche and sports fitness and health.

At NU, Kerr spends a lot of time with the track and field team and really enjoys her time within that realm.

“My favorite experience so far has been teaching with the track team and enjoying a shared passion for sports and fitness, it’s been so fun,” Kerr said.

She also teaches exercise science, kinesiology, and lifespan fitness and health courses and has some fun course ideas up her sleeve for the future. As she anticipates future courses, she looks forward to the challenge of presenting science, technical chemistry and biology in relation to physiology and in a way that is fun and effective for students’ learning.

Outside of the teaching and education world, Kerr enjoys a variety of activities. She loves spending time with her two sons and learning about other cultures and cultural immersion. She has traveled to Hungary, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Russia and hopes to travel to other countries as well.

Beyond traveling, Kerr has fun with art, weightlifting, and sailing. In 1995 she won the America’s Cup, a major yacht sailing competition, as part of an all-women’s team.

NU is fortunate to have such a talented, experienced, and passionate professor who truly cares about her students.