Posted: Monday, March 20, 2017 6:00 pm

Often seen walking around Northwest University with a contagious smile and impeccable outfits, Nicole Lemos is more than meets the eye. If you happen to follow her on social media, you might have seen pictures of scattered pencils and colorful drawings. Naturally, I assumed she hadn’t drawn those beautiful pictures, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn she had. Since that realization, she has never ceased to surprise me with every creation she allows the general public to glimpse.

I had the chance to ask NU’s “resident artist” some questions:

Q: When did you start drawing?

A: “I have been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil. I vividly remember spending my Saturdays watching Bob Ross and trying to perfect my clouds and mountains. My Dad gave me my first sketchbook at age 8 and I began drawing my favorite celebrities including Joe Jonas, young J. Biebs, and Selena Gomez. I would tape Tiger Beat magazine posters on one page and try to re create the photo on the next. Looking back this was when my love for drawing realistic eyes came about.”

Q: What’s your favorite medium to use when creating? (pencils, chalk, oil etc.?)

A. “My favorite medium is definitely the standard pencil although I have recently began using Prisma colored pencils. Pencils allow me to have the most control over pressure and flow of the drawing.”

Q: Do your parents draw? Is it a family talent you inherited from them?

A: “Yes! My mom loves the therapeutic coloring book I gave her and my dad taught me how to draw hands. My dad is the best and worst critic when it comes to my art. He’ll give me the critiques that everyone else is afraid to say. I have recently begun to realize how much I appreciate his honestly.”

Q: Why do you draw? Is it therapeutic, a hobby, or just simply something you enjoy?

A. “That’s a weird question because I guess I never really thought about my reason for drawing. It’s something I have grown up doing and will continue to do for the rest of my life. I doodle (especially eyes) when I’m sad, happy, mad, bored, or anxious. It’s just what I do! Just take one look at my notebooks!”

Q: Do you see yourself continuing to use your art as part of your vocation?

A: “Although I constantly stated I was going to be an artist when I grew up (along with being a napkin…I was a weird kid) I know that living off my drawings is not the most ideal situation considering I almost never finish my work. I tend to come up with new ideas in the middle of a piece. But, hopefully I can use art therapy in my future private practice one day. I believe many people can find healing from art and I would love to incorporate art in anyway I can.”

To see some of Nicole’s amazing works (and an occasional selfie) follow her on Instagram: @nicolelemons.