Posted: Friday, March 24, 2017 6:00 pm

Many students at Northwest University look for support and encouragement from their peers in small groups. NU strives to meet this desire in the form of Life Groups. Life Groups not only provide Spiritual Life credit, but also an opportunity to create friendships.

Sarah Davis, leader of the Off Campus and Commuter Life Group, can attest to the relational aspect of Life Groups.

“I love the people who come to my Life Group,” Davis said, “We cater to those who are in the FOA, but really welcome any and all who show an interest in the Life Group.”

Davis explained what a typical Life Group meeting looked like.

“From communication majors to nursing majors, we don’t have everything in common but we all enjoy getting together and laughing over coffee and scripture!” Davis said. “We usually start by asking how everyone is and what they have been up to. This usually leads us into our reflection and devotional time.”

For Davis, the group’s mission is to let people feel like they have a fun, open place where they can share their thoughts and opinions. The group serves as a time where busy college students can carve out some time to connect and relax with one another.

“Because there isn’t always time for a pre-med major and a nursing major to chat and relax, the group is a time where we as friends can see each other at least once a week. It has been great so far, and I hope to keep it going for the rest of the time that I am at NU,” said Davis.

Some of the Life Group’s members also shared their opinions on the group.

“What I really like about Sarah’s Life Group is that everyone is so friendly! It’s hard not to feel welcomed and part of the group,” said Sugar Coquinco. “I’m not usually the type to speak out in a group setting, but the people in this Life Group encourage me to do so, which lets me know they genuinely care about what I have to say.”

Jacquelynn Davis, another group member, said what she appreciates most about the group is that over time they have “grown to be great friends who encourage and hold each other up.”

“Let me tell you, [that encouragement] is NECESSARY for health and vitality, especially in the sometimes chaotic season of college!” she said.

For more information about the group, contact Sarah Davis at, or visit the Life Group directory.