Posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 6:00 pm | Updated: 8:05 pm, Tue Mar 28, 2017.

By Angela Lustyuk

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Forget about “prom-posals,” this is college and Evening is on its way! It’s the biggest and most Instagram-worthy event that will bring a lifetime of memories to you and your bae—even if that bae is just a friend!

In order to make the experience a night you will never forget, you will need to have the most epic Evening proposal ever. Something that will make the whole campus think #GOALS as they secretly watch the proposal go down on a Snapchat story in class. If you have no idea how to ask your bae to Evening, here are 10 creative and awesome ideas.

  1. Chapel Announcement: Everyone is expecting two students to come up and do campus announcements after the first worship song—but not this time! Grab the mic and ask your bae to Evening, call them out in the crowd! And make sure it takes place on a Northwest Friday, so the chapel is packed and as many people as possible can watch the ordeal go down.
  2. Go Big or Go HOME: There is a misconception that NU college students are broke. If you can afford the tuition every year, you can afford to go all out on this proposal. Rent a yacht for the day on the Kirkland waterfront, make sure it’s packed full with sparkling cider and chocolate covered strawberries, and buy them some expensive jewelry. When you are on your yacht adventure and the sun is setting, get down on one knee and pull out that expensive jewelry piece as you look into their eyes and murmur, “Will you go to Evening with me?” Your bae will melt to the floor and you will be a legend for years to come. But make sure you have a chaperone on this nautical date, because #JesusDistance is a thing.
  3. Too Cool to Care: Let’s be honest, it’s cool to not care and you can win the competition for the most coldhearted! Wait until the very last day to ask your bae to Evening. Wait until they are crying about not being asked, then at the last moment casually ask them to go. But don’t seem super enthusiastic. This will make them like you even more!
  4. Disrupt the Class: If you really want a show-stopping ask, run into their classroom in the middle of lecture—or even better, an exam! Asking the professor for permission is unnecessary. Everyone will be shocked and amazed. Streamers, balloons, extra loud music, and anything else that will disrupt and cause a huge mess is extra points.
  5. Caf-tastic: Meet your potential date at the Caf for lunch, except bring your own homemade cake. Cute, right? Write “Will you go to Evening with me?” on the cake. While they are saying yes, smash it in their face. Everyone loves a sweet surprise!
  6. Steal: While your potential date is walking outside on their way to HSC, dress up as a robber, run by and steal their school bag from them. Tell them they must go to Evening with you or they will never see their textbooks and notes again. Your date will be so scared that they will be forced to say yes!
  7. Call Their Parents: We all know that an Evening proposal is just practice for the real proposal, so you might as well ask permission from their parents now! Kill two birds with one stone, as they say. It’s already spring and your girl is bound to be looking for that ring, if you know what I mean.
  8. Friendly Favor: If you want to ask your friend to Evening, pretend to be the cute guy they have been eying in Christian Thought all semester long. Bring flowers, chocolates, and a handwritten note to class and plop it on their desk before they arrive. Sign it from “The cute boy across the room in Christian Thought.” They will be so happy when they get the note and gifts—but they will be even happier when they realize it’s not him, it’s just their #roomiebestie. Who needs a boyfriend anyway?
  9. Just Text Them: Send a simple text, “Go 2 Evening w/ me plz.” If they really want to go with you, they don’t need some crazy elaborate gesture. They should be grateful that you took time out of your busy college life to even text them.
  10. Just Don’t Go: Let’s be honest, you’re probably single and drowning in homework anyway. How fun is it really to go out with your friends, dress up, take pictures, and have a special night? They are probably just pretending in all those cute Instagram photos of just how much fun they are having. Right?

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