Posted: Monday, March 27, 2017 6:00 pm

College journeys look different for everyone. For some, college is many miles distant, and for other it’s just a few steps away. This is the journey of Micah Lorenz to NU.

Micah Lorenz is a junior here at NU majoring in Intercultural Studies. Lorenz hails from Des Moines, WA, and went to high school at Shorewood Christian School.

“I heard about NU because my two older brothers attended NU, and I chose NU over other schools because it has a well-established ministry program that had a good track record of preparing students for postcollege ministry,” said Lorenz, when asked about his introduction to the school. “Also, the community was welcoming when I visited and I liked it here.”

Lorenz’s love for people and different cultures inspired him to study in a program that would help him explore those passions.

“I am an Intercultural Studies Major; and I chose this major because I have a genuine love for people of different cultures and I love telling people about Jesus… this major combined these two passions.”

Having been at NU for almost three years now, Lorenz has seen firsthand its growth, and is very happy to be part of its continuous development as the president of ASNU next year.

“The administration and staff deserve so much credit and praise for how they have truly listened to students’ voices over the last three years and responded,” Lorenz stated about the growth at NU during his time as a student, naming as examples “the Cafeteria renovations, the repaving of tennis and basketball courts, restructuring of life groups, the Monday devotionals, etcetera.”

In order to get to know our future ASNU president, The Talon sat down with Micah Lorenz to ask a few questions.

What encourages you to push through life daily, either in school or at home?

The desire to know Christ all my days encourages me. To get to the end of my days and to have one thing said of me, “He walked with God.” Also, Matheus Munoz’ smile and hugs encourages me on a daily basis. Coffee helps me push through daily life, too.

Who or what is your inspiration?

Phil and Brenda’s faithfulness inspires me. And seeing the students realizing that Jesus isn’t the elephant in the room, but rather instead the treasure in the field that they lay their life down for.

What are your thoughts, as you join ASNU next year?

Truthfully, I am so ridiculously excited to serve on ASNU as president and both serve and lead the student body. I’m honored with the position, and I look forward to casting vision and leading students toward that vision. I am excited to represent the students and their needs and desires to the administration.