Posted: Friday, March 31, 2017 6:00 pm

Last Thursday, Northwest University made an important announcement regarding the amount of chapel credits needed for the Fall 2017 semester. The current amount of credits needed to pass is 35, but through various meetings with heavy deliberation and light prayer, the head of offices agreed on increasing the requirement to 70 credits.

“I believe that bumping up the amount of chapel credits needed to graduate will help students spiritually and really improve their character and faith in God,” said Professor Max Wisemore, who joined the NU faculty only last month, but cited a deep understanding of campus culture and student life.

“More time in church?” Wisemore said. “It’s really a no-brainer.”

Students who fail to meet the required amount of chapel credits will be fined per credit missed, and the fee for each chapel credit missed will be $75. Five missing chapel credits results in an automatic failure for all courses.

Various sources have reported hearing professors speak highly of the change in policy while walking around campus.

“Bumping up the chapel credits might require more time that I don’t have, but I think it is an important change that NU should have implemented a long time ago. I’m excited to take on this challenge,” said senior nursing student Martha Smith. “Jesus asked us to give up our homes and families for him, why not our grades and ultimate livelihood too?”

In the past, students have complained that the amount of spiritual life credits needed to pass is too unrealistic with their busy schedules. Campus Ministries does host other events throughout the semester that offer chapel credit in order to help students reach their minimum. By next semester, they will be implementing chapel every day to help students reach their minimum requirement of 70 chapel credits.

Rather than asking professors and Campus Ministries to take time out of their already full schedules to speak, NU will play Hillsong music for worship and Keller podcasts for sermons, with Tuesdays offering Adventures in Odyssey for variety.

After this policy takes action, NU’s next goal is to implement changes to the interactions between men and women on campus. They plan to separate seating in class so that men sit on one side and the women on the other. Sitting by the opposite gender in chapel, in class, or anywhere on campus will be prohibited. Any students caught breaking the rule will also be fined $70. NU hopes that these positive changes will help students stay focused on their faith and their studies, so that they do not get distracted by worldly things.

“Many powerful changes are coming our way. We really want to make sure that we give students something challenging to work for,” stated a Campus Ministries staff member. “We don’t want to make earning a degree here easy! People focus too much on taking steps forward for change – we want to take steps backward, in a sense, to the good old days.”

Oh and one more thing…APRIL FOOLS!