Posted: Monday, April 3, 2017 6:00 pm

Class registration for fall 2017 began Mar. 20. Northwest University is offering several new courses in hopes of better meeting the needs and desires of students.

The English and communication departments are introducing a few new classes.

Dr. Clint Bryan will be instructing Introduction to Rhetoric.

“For centuries, a university education meant learning rhetoric—the systematic study of how persuasion operates. I am excited to teach this class because it lets me wear my two hats: professor and pastor,” said Bryan.

Bryan’s structure for the class will use the knowledge from key philosophers to help influence the design of messages.

“During this semester we will meet the key philosophers, rhetorical scholars, and theorists, as well as experience revolutionary ideas that still impact how we shape messages that we deliver via speeches, writing, and new media,” said Bryan.

Dr. Jeremiah Webster will be instructing Contemporary Literature.

“Contemporary Literature explores novels and poems from Japan, The Czech Republish, Russia, and the United States. This course examines the postmodern condition, and is particularly interested in how individuals thought about truth, meaning, and reality during the second half of the twentieth century,” said Webster.

The science department is also introducing new courses.

Dr. Stephanie Kerr will be teaching Principles of Lifespan Fitness and Health. It is one of four classes designed to help students make health and fitness a priority.

“In this class you will learn the basic principles needed to develop an understanding of human health, fitness, and wellbeing and the role of physical activity in these areas. You will learn how to create a plan for personal health and wellbeing and learn to measure personal progress on health and wellbeing goals,” said Kerr.

Other new course offerings for next fall include Business Communication, Kinetic Anatomy, Applied Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics and Motor Learning, and Race and Ethnicity in America: Precolonial to Civil War.

For more information on the new and returning course options for the Fall, the course catalog can be found on the Eagle page.