Posted: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 6:00 pm

Revolving doors, books slamming, missed deadlines, a ticking clock, yet there you are—nonchalantly watching Netflix. Not a care in the world. Your thumb gliding over your phone screen as you absent-mindedly scroll Instagram is the only metronome by which you measure time at this point. How did it come to this?

If you’re anything like me, senioritis is in full effect. Those of us blessed to be graduating in less than a month are finding these last few weeks challenging. Perhaps it is because we have grown lazy… or maybe it is because we are focused on bigger issues now. Where will I work?  Should I consider graduate school? Is Sallie Mae lurking to reap student debt in the shadows? What is the meaning of life? These are questions even our professors don’t have the answers to.

At this point, even my prayers are distracted. I pray for direction and find myself calculating how many spiritual life credits I need to get. As a matter of fact, when is the last time I went to chapel?

Jesus take the wheel!

Dear dedication, where art thou?

Please come back to me,

I have an icebox where my motivation used to be

And I fear without it, finals will destroy me.

It keeps raining, and my stress level keeps climbing.

Even now, I grow too lazy to keep rhyming.

Keep the seniors in your prayers.

This is the ode to senioritis.