Posted: Friday, April 28, 2017 6:00 pm

Rachel Binns-Terrill was a communication professor at Northwest University from 2013 to 2015. Known as ‘the love doctor’ by her students, most of her education was centered on the study of love, dating, marriage and sexuality. Two years ago, Terrill and her family moved to Indiana where she now teaches a course at Purdue University.

“My family and I live in Indiana about an hour away from Purdue University where my husband and I met as undergrads. In fact, we live in the home where he grew up. We bought it from his mom, renovated it a little bit, and now we get to watch our little girls run in the same yard where he and his brothers played,” said Terrill.

Terrill and her husband Craig Terrill, a former Seattle Seahawks player, originally left the greater Seattle area and headed to Indiana with their daughters in order to be closer to family.

Since moving to Indiana, Terrill has been able to spend a large chunk of her time being a wife and mother. She also currently writes for the NFL Player Engagement website, works with several married and engaged couples who play for the Indianapolis Colts to help strengthen their relationships, serves as an advisor for the Football Player’s Health Study at Harvard University and leads a Bible study for wives of players on the Colts football team.

Her background in the study of love has opened doors for her to be able to advise couples currently in the NFL on how to maintain a strong marriage despite the crazy schedule that professional sports can bring. Terrill also speaks at relationships seminars with her husband and teaches online courses at Northwest University.

“Despite loving my life here, I still miss the awesome students and my co-workers at NU. If I could say just one thing to my students there it would be—love well. Go on dates. Get to know people of the opposite sex. Make your ‘10 Must Haves and 10 Can’t Stands’ lists and never ever get engaged or married while you’re still experiencing limerence!” she said.

NU was fortunate to have a professor like Terrill who advocated so fiercely for the idea of true, genuine, and sacrificial love, but is happy she is influencing others in her new season of life.