Photo by Alexis Savary

By Kimani Nyambura

In early September, Northwest University announced that it would be launching a “Life at NU” app.

The app is specifically designed for student engagement, and contains both a web and mobile version that is available to download for both Android and iPhone.

The app will help students to find out about events happening on campus and details about different clubs and organizations. The app will help student development to track data such as attendance and the popularity of events.

Larissa Lilly, Director of Community Life, expressed her excitement of the creation of the app.

“Our hope is for this app to be a one stop shop for you (students) to learn about opportunities to get involved at NU,” she said.

Chloe’ St. Germain, the Student Activities Board director, hopes that the app will help the SAB team reach their attendance goals.

“Our goal is to reach at least 200 students, at most of our bigger events,” St. Germain said. “The app will help us be more accurate on who is coming. We can narrow it down to specific groups like age, grade and gender and we can know exactly who is there and hopefully soon, we can offer students rewards and prizes for showing up to events.”

It has been almost a month since the app launched, and it is already earning popularity among students.

“I really, really like the app,” said senior Bethany Alvarez. “But I wish they had a link to the Eagle website and access to your email.”

Junior Betsy Camacho also shared her thoughts on the new app.

“I like how it has all the events on it. I would love to have notifications about the events, and if possible, they should include notifications about irregular schedules changes like, one-chapel days in the app,” she said.

To get the Life at NU app and be updated on what is happening at NU, download through the App store or Google Play. A web version is also available here.