Photo by Joe Stack

By Maggie Bright

Following one’s interests is not always a straight and easy path, but Dr. Jamie Froebe is a living example of why it’s always a worthwhile one.

Froebe is an adjunct professor in the college of arts and sciences and an academic advising specialist at Northwest University. She currently teaches Math for Liberal Arts and Intermediate Algebra.

A Seattle native, Froebe attended Pomona College in Claremont, California where she was a pre-med student majoring in Chemistry and Biology. During a year-long hiatus before going to graduate school to study medicine, Froebe took a job teaching. It was in the middle of applying for medical school that she found her true passion in education.

“I decided I really loved teaching and so I never finished the applications and just stayed in teaching,” Froebe said.

Froebe credits her faith and prayer as her guide through that decision.

“I prayed about it and long story short, I’m convinced that God said no, stay in education, so I went back and got my master’s,” Froebe said.

Froebe completed her master’s and Ph.D. in Education at Claremont Graduate University, and upon graduation began teaching high school math and science. After taking 15 years off from teaching to raise her children, Froebe reentered the workforce and applied to teach at NU. She became an adjunct faculty member in 2014.

Having previously taught science and math at a private Catholic high school, NU wasn’t Froebe’s first experience interlacing faith and education. However, she believes it is the intentionality and sincerity of faith in the NU community that makes it unique.

At the beginning of each class session Froebe leads with scripture and prayer. To her, being a professor at NU is an incredible opportunity to impact students’ lives both academically and spiritually.

“I love this place… students, young men and women are at the point in their life where they are making decisions about life…and I love that I can bring [faith] into the classroom. I feel like it’s a great place to be helping young people sort out where they’re going, at least for the next few years. It’s an honor to get to do that,” Froebe said.

Her extensive background in many fields led Froebe to where she is today, and she encourages students to pursue their interests and realize that no endeavor is ever wasted.  

Froebe uses her background in science for her work as an academic advisor for pre-nursing students, as well as her interest in counseling and helping others.  

“It’s a really nice fit,” Froebe said.

Froebe believes every experience has a purpose.

“As I look at my life and I look where I am now, I love where I am now. And there were things that it didn’t [look] like it all fits, but in a lot of ways it all does” Froebe said.

When she’s not in the classroom or her office counseling students, Froebe’s hobbies include reading, quilting, traveling and exercising.  A track athlete in high school and college, Froebe recently took on the role of assistant coach of NU’s cross country team. She said she is excited to see where that opportunity leads in the future.

Froebe’s advice to students is to chase their interests with boldness and patience.

“What I love to say to young people and my own kids, is first of all, you have a lot of time…so I think you go in the direction you’re interested in and pursue it, and then if it changes that’s okay. But at least you’re going somewhere and you’re learning things and it’s never wasted,” Froebe said.

Froebe’s life and work are an encouragement for students as she continues to bless the NU community with her intentional, faith-based teaching, and a passion for helping students pursue the future they seek.