Photo by Xingming Yao

By Alexis Savary

As the “University of Possibility,” Northwest University strives to create an atmosphere where students are able to turn their dreams into a reality. Last Wednesday, students from the Entrepreneurship class were able to embody this idea at the annual Entrepreneurship Trade Show, where teams presented business ideas. The event took place at HSC Fireside and featured hours of networking and countless samples.

“Every team worked very hard, was prepared to represent their ideas, and communicated their ‘elevator speeches’ with great enthusiasm,” Professor Tony Pizelo said. “Several commented to me that they thought it was one of our best ever trade shows.”

All types of businesses were represented at the event. Smart Park and Parq were two companies that worked to solve the parking issues in growing business capitals such as Kirkland and Seattle. Other companies, such as Threaded Breeds and Five Hiking Guys Clothing Co., promoted an increased awareness for endangered species and nature through the sale of clothing items. Gold Social Media and Chamber Tech focused on current business issues and endeavored to implement products and services that would help fix advertising and security problems. Still others, including Garden Box and Elite Athletics, focused on the health of society by introducing all-natural, healthy fast food restaurants and athlete specific training programs. There were also companies that emphasized the idea of creating and maintaining community through food-related experiences, such as Food Mingle and Designer Donuts.

Students participating in the event had to be creative in their overall ideas, implementation plans, displays, and even their jingles and slogans. For example, Jonathan DeMacedo, a representative of Designer Donuts said, “For handmade pastry bliss, it has to be Designer Donuts.”

Reflecting on the event afterward, students and faculty remarked on the professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity of each company represented at the Trade Show.

“Students tend to have an interest in entrepreneurship because they have a desire to start their own business, and to release the creativity and innovation that God has blessed them with,” Pizelo said.

Students interested in entrepreneurship can visit the Entrepreneur Club, a club at NU that focuses on connecting with other like-minded people and learning about current businesses and past experiences from expert entrepreneurs.

“The club was started in hopes of fostering professional relationships with successful entrepreneurs and professionals, providing the students with an idea of what it looks like to be a successful entrepreneur,” Serge Shevchenko, president of the Entrepreneur Club, said.

Shevchenko noted the club can also be a good place to find a mentor and ask questions in an environment that encourages critical thinking.

The club meets once a month. To learn more about the Entrepreneur Club and how to attend a meeting, visit their Facebook page.