By Jasmine Garza

Each year on Thanksgiving Day, we are reminded of many things to be thankful for. Many are thankful for their families, health, and the opportunity to live out each day with blessings from God.

I myself am thankful for the hardships that we all go through because we are reminded to put faith and trust in God who will always seek out the best for us.

I asked Northwest University students and staff what they were thankful for, what  their favorite family tradition is, and what are some of their favorite foods to have on Thanksgiving.

Jamie Miller – Assistant Athletic Trainer 

“I love how Thanksgiving really brings families together and how we all spend time with family together.”

Abby Stovall – Housing Coordinator

“I’m thankful for the time I get to spend with my family. I love that Thanksgiving is not centered around presents, but on presence by spending time with our families.”

Caleb Bonner – RA of Gray 600

“My favorite food on Thanksgiving is for sure yams. I like putting turkey on the bottom and then adding yams on top and topping it off with mashed potatoes with gravy. Oh man! It’s like taking a bite out of autumn.”

Andrew Skillern – Sophomore 

“My grandma always buys these popper like things that have a string and fire crackers in them and we pop them every year. It’s become one of my favorite traditions.”

Abigayle Baez – Senior 

“Every year, my parents and I wake up at 8:00 a.m. and we start getting our turkey ready. Once we have the turkey in the over, we all grab some blankets and cozy up on our couches and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I really enjoy all the different musicals, costumes, and floats that go into making the parade a successful musical event.”

Chase Kolby – Junior 

“I’m thankful that humans don’t live forever because holy cow, this is getting old!”

Hannah “Mick” Michaels – Freshman 

“My family makes stuffed mushrooms. It has sausage and cream cheese mixed together and you stuff the mushrooms with the cream cheese mix and you bake them. It’s my favorite thing to eat.”

Jas Singh – Freshman 

“In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, but I’m thankful to have my parents. My parents have sacrificed everything for me. My dad would work overtime hours at his job so that I could go to AAU games and tournaments. And my mom, well, she’s just the best person to ever be in my life. What can I say; I’m a momma’s boy.”