Micah Lorenz speaks at Last Lecture. Photo by Garrett Parker.

By Alexis Savary

Last Lecture, an event typically reserved for faculty speakers, was given a fresh perspective by ASNU President Micah Lorenz, who revealed the importance of walking with God.

Last Thursday, Lorenz walked up to the podium as the first student to speak at Last Lecture. Faced with the question, “What would be my parting words if today was my last day?”Lorenz explained that it is hard to choose a single topic when confronted by the magnitude of one’s last words.

He reflected on the idea of walking with God and prioritizing this relationship over all else. Using the examples of Adam and Eve in the Garden, Noah, and Enoch, Lorenz encouraged students to yearn for a relationship as righteous and pure as those who walked with God.

Lorenz also referenced the Road to Emmaus, where Jesus returned after the resurrection to walk with disciples, and explains all that was said about the Messiah by Moses and the prophets. At this point, Jesus opens their minds to the truth of who he is before disappearing from their sight.

“If there’s one place in history I want to be, I want to be standing right there to hear Jesus explain the entire Old Testament and the entire New Testament and how it was pointing to him,” Lorenz said.

Lorenz’s passion for relationship with God was contagious as he described the journey one takes with God. People’s journeys are not only crafted individually by God, but are intertwined with other people’s paths. He reminded the audience to know that current situations are intentionally created by God. Lorenz encouraged students to do life with God, because that is what He wants. God does not want to simply control one’s life, instead, He wants to create and maintain relationships with His creation.

In addition to Lorenz’s encouragement, he also warned students not to let current situations define one’s lifestyle. Loving God is the most important thing in life. Daily struggles will come and go, but how one lives in relationship with God will be eternal.

Challenging students on how to live their lives from this moment on, Lorenz advised that they find rest in God. A Christian’s calling is to walk with God in love and faith. It should be the most important aspect of life: to love God and His creation. Only through this lifestyle, can people, as a student body and a body of Christ, be remembered as people who walked with God and lived as an example of Christ’s love.

“Imagine that’s the whole entity of what you’re known for—you walked with God,” Lorenz said. “For me, the idea of walking with God…motivates me along the way—keeps me going.”