Apricot, the newest member of the Wellness Center team. Photo by Bria Figgins.

By Bria Figgins

Need puppy love? The Wellness Center has got it! And it’s name is Apricot. Apricot is a Golden Retriever puppy that visits the Wellness Center to offer love, snuggles and puppy kisses. This furry new addition to the many services offered by the Wellness Center is available during her office hours Monday-Thursday 12pm to 4pm.

Now that the new semester is in full swing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but the Wellness Center boasts a host of de-stressing activities that are all free to NU students. Aside from visiting with Apricot, you can schedule weekly counseling appointments, sit in the massage chair, or spend some time in the self-care room.

The self-care room is a place that you can go to escape the stress of life. Drink tea or cocoa and color in a coloring book, or play with kinetic sand. Also, you can enjoy a message from the massage chair or foot massager while basking in the full spectrum light therapy lamp. They also offer aromatherapy.

The Wellness Center is staffed with counselors that will sit and talk to you about anything. They are here for your mental and physical health. You are able to schedule one-on-one appointments, group appointments or marital counseling. In addition to counselors, you can see a dietitian or nurses. Dietitians can help with finding healthy eating alternatives and assist with food plans for those with special restrictions.  The nurses are there to help you if you feel under the weather or have a minor injury.

As flu season starts, the Wellness center is also offering a flu vaccine event at HSC Fireside Oct. 10.If you want to help save lives by donating blood, there is a donation event Oct. 3 at the Wellness Center from 10a.m.-4p.m.