By Martanna Broom

Northwest University will be hosting a one night Q Union event in Butterfield Chapel at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 25. The event will feature three student speakers from NU as well as three nationally broadcast talks from well-known figures in the Christian community.

NU has partnered with Q Ideas for the third year to bring Q Union to campus, along with 21 other colleges and universities across the country. Q Ideas is an organization that seeks to inspire, educate, and create conversations among people of faith regarding difficult topics and relevant cultural issues.

The student speakers for the event are Emilie Heisel (graduate student, studying Ministry), Jonathan Demacedo (junior, studying Business), and Holly Hollopeter (junior, studying Communications). The speeches are titled “The Power of Hope,” “God Likes Our Plans,” and “Everyone, Everywhere” respectively. The broadcast speeches will be presented by Bob Goff, Jo Saxton, and Scott Harrison. Northwest University professors Dr. Rowlanda Cawthon and Dr. Will Mari will emcee the event.

Hollopeter said she appreciates the flexibility within the topics the speakers have been assigned.

“I love Q Union because there is one ‘theme’ for the conference, but the speakers are given freedom to expand upon that topic in whatever way they feel led,” Hollopeter said, “I am able to speak about something that I care for deeply, while being unique from what the other two [student] speakers are focusing on.”

The evening will consist of both group and personal reflection times on the topics presented. Attendees will be challenged and inspired to properly engage culture.

Everyone is encouraged to attend, as this is the last year NU plans on hosting Q Ideas’ college Q Union event. According to Dr. Clint Bryan, advisor to the student speakers, the university hopes to create its own similar event next year that gives a voice to more students.

Spiritual Life Credit will be offered for attendance.

To find out more about the organization and the event itself, use the following link to Q Ideas’ page for the event.

Editor’s Note: Holly Hollopeter is on staff with the Talon as the Photo Editor.