Satire: Ring By Spring – Chapel Edition

Photo by Holly Hollopeter

By Bria Figgins

As the weather get colder, NU students bundle up in their flannels and over-sized scarves. If only there was someone to share that scarf with. Most college students are aware of the famous term: cuffing season.

Collins British Dictionary defines cuffing season as “the period of autumn and winter, when single people are considered likely to seek settled relationships.” But students of Northwest University have a better definition for it: the time when everyone on campus wants someone to study with by HSC fireside, and a date for Valentines Day. Everyone will have a date by the time Evening comes along, so grab your person early!

As the professor of Love and Communication here at NU, Dr. Renee Bourdeaux knows all about relationships. When asked what is the best way to find a significant other, she explained that relationships should be dependent upon time invested and communication.

“The best way to learn more about whether or not someone is going to be a good match for you is to invest time to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk!!” Bourdeaux said. She loves to talk about love and communication with students, so stop by her office for additional questions.

But where is the best place to meet your someone? Chapel.

In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve, as well as the idea of love. Therefore, what better place to find love than in His house? Single students have two options: continue to see the same people in chapel you always see, or spice it up and go to the opposite chapel. The chances are you have already investigated every possible match within your own chapel, so perhaps try the second option.

Remember the people who perform on stage may be single too. If you have an interest in one of them, stand in the front row during every chapel and maintain constant eye contact.

As you attend chapel this semester, pay attention to the following steps to find your bae.

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