By Tiani Grosso

Next year’s student leaders for SAB, Mosaic, Campus Ministries, and Residence Life were chosen and announced over spring break.

Read on to see who received each position and a brief description for each.


SAB Director: Taylor Johnston

According to Larissa Lilly, the “student Director will help in leading the team by creating an atmosphere of learning, working and fun. She will help lead meetings, delegate tasks, follow up and make sure an event is really to put on!”

SAB Special Events Student Coordinator: Anna Bizik

SAB Student Graphic Designer: Devyn Glenn

SAB Special Events Student Coordinator: Reid Jarrell

SAB Photographer and Event Coordinator: Brandon Jones

SAB Performance Events Student Coordinator: Shelbie Knowles

SAB Videographer: David Neuman

SAB Spirit and Traditions Student Coordinator: Hannah Polyak

“We have four student event coordinators who will help with the behind-the-scenes details of most of our events on campus. One really exciting part is that we actually added an additional Special Events Coordinator so that our team can put on more passive programs, assist with the programming of intramurals and other special events,” Lilly said.

“We have one intramural sports student coordinator who will oversee our intramural sports on campus, including football, basketball and other random sports. Finally, we have a creative team including a graphic designer, photographer and videographer!”

There have been changes to several of the positions this year.

“After much consideration we did take away our adventure recreation coordinator – the student position who would oversee hikes, backpacking trips, etc. We did not feel like this was a part of our program that was being well utilized or successful. We also took away our social media director – recognizing this position’s responsibilities can be divvied up between multiple other positions.” Lilly explained.


Student Director: Natasha Vederoff

Student Coordinators: Qhawelenkosi (Blessing), Ciara dela Cuesta, Alexis Savary, Gillian Broughton, and Joseph Gomez De La Mora.

Led by the director, the student coordinators work to plan events and increase cultural awareness on campus. “These students have a heart to see diversity on campus flourish,” Multicultural Director Blake Small said in an email. “We are excited to expand the student’s multicultural experiences off campus.  We believe that external experiences are necessary to the development, application and transformation of our cultural humility.”

These experiences are planned to be outreach, service and/or educationally focused.  

Campus Ministries

Worship Student Coordinator: Roslyn Bender

This position leads the worship teams and provides administrative support, also creating vision for each gathering.

Hospitality/Choralons Student Coordinator: Sabrina Crownover

The student in this position provides hospitality to speakers and guests, as well as serving with Brenda Rasmussen in Choralons.

Missions Student Coordinator: Cole Glossinger

This position focuses on missions, both locally and globally, working with clubs and organizations to plan missional events and supports the missions teams that go out each semester.

Life Groups Student Coordinator: Danny Lopez Melgar

This student leader oversees life groups on campus, recruiting and providing support to life group leaders.

Prayer Student Coordinator: Bella Najarro

This position leads the prayer team on campus as well as planning and leading prayer events for the whole NU community.

Ministry Teams Student Coordinator: Jazlyn Smith

Ministry Teams Student Coordinator: Annika Peabody

These two positions vary, one focused on marketing and the other on administrative/relationship duties, according to the job description on eagle.

Graphic Design and Communication Student Coordinator: Jael Santos

This student oversees media, such as flyers, posters, and graphics and recruits and leads the volunteer photographers.

Gatherings Student Coordinator: Grace Torres

This student leader oversees Chapels and gatherings, coordinates with other programs as necessary, and provides administrative support.

Residence Life

The RAs for the 2019-2020 academic year have been announced for the student apartments and the Gray-Beatty and Guy-Perks-Crowder  residence halls.


The Brotherhood/Sisterhood: Andre Tinnon, Emily Schlepp, and Olivia Lindsey

The Jungle (Intercultural Floor): Zach Shelton, Sophia Taylor, and Kara Murray

The Wolfpack: Kameron Goetz, Megan Stewart, and Josie Pierce


The Hive: Cristhian Alvarado and Alissa Accetturo

The Ducks and Chicks: Robert Vinje and Amanda Anderson

The Pride: Billy Ransome and Holly Hollopeter

Student Apartments

Buildings B and D: Emma Hunter and Elisa Stanczak

Buildings A and C: Braden Garland and Andrew “Ace” Engler