Photo by Holly Hollopeter

By Hannah Nicholson

Residence Life has modified Perks 100 to an all-girls floor this year, due to a demand for more female housing. For two of the past three years, Perks 100 has been a split female/male floor.

The initial consideration of making Perks 100 an all-female floor came during Room Rush last year, when a waitlist was put out by Residence Life.

RA positions had already been appointed when the decision was made for the floor to house females only. The original Perks 100 Resident Assistant, Andre Tinnon, became co-RA of Perks 300 with Kameron Goetz, the originally-selected RA of the Wolfpack. Natalee Stout was selected as the new RA of Perks 100.

The majority of the floor consists of returning students and a few newcomers, for a total of 35 students currently living in residence.

Stout said that she appreciates the diversity of students on her floor.

“My favorite part of Perks 100 is the diversity,” Stout said. “There are freshman, sophomores, transfers, athletes and leaders of clubs on campus. This brings much personality and it has been so fun mixing all our personalities.”

Stout said she has enjoyed her experience as RA so far.

“I love getting to learn new things about my residents each day,” she said. “I get to watch them grow and discover new things about themselves.”

Because Perks 100 is located on a building that is home to mainly male floors, maintenance installed new card readers at both the entrances of Perks 100, so only female students can have access to the floor outside of visiting hours.

An adjustment in housing brings about changes in many different areas around campus, particularly in the area of community life. For now, the Sharks – the mascot of the Sisterhood – includes solely female students in Crowder 400, Guy 100 and Perks 100. Currently, Perks 100 is participating with the Hive in intramurals, under the moniker “The Bumble-hood.”

Hayley Hanford, the Area Coordinator for the GPC living area, said that the future for Perks 100 is uncertain, and is dependent on the number of students who come in each year. Hanford predicts that Perks 100 will stay as a flux floor,
changing from year to year as needed.