Story by Morgan Long

Northwest University hosted its fourth annual Halls-O-Ween event on Thursday, Oct. 31. The annual tradition brings NU students, faculty, and members of the surrounding neighborhoods together for a unique Halloween experience. This year’s theme was Children’s Sing-A-Longs.

Each floor decorated their halls to an individual theme related to the overall theme. In the Guy-Perks-Crowder building, The Sisterhood decorated their floor to look like the underwater world of “The Little Mermaid;” The Jungle transformed their floor into “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory;” and The Wolfpack brought to life the story of “Peter Pan”. In Gray-Beatty, The Hive decorated their hall to fit the theme of “Tarzan,” The Ducks and Chicks decorated their floor to look like “Beauty and the Beast” and The Pride transformed their floor into “Frozen.” FIRS, Off-Campus and Apartment (FOA) residents were responsible for decorating Perks and Gray-Beatty lounges respectively.

The floors were opened to the public from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. with many NU students lining the halls to act out various scenes from their floor’s sing-along films.

Beatty 200 Resident Assistant Amanda Anderson said that she appreciated the enthusiastic floor-wide engagement and dedication that brought the theme to life.

Although the event awards prizes to the winning floors and is an opportunity for student to bond with their living area neighbors, it also acts as an opportunity for NU to serve the Kirkland community by providing a family-friendly, interactive and safe place for kids to come for Halloween.

Brooke Wagner, the Area Coordinator of Gray-Beatty building said that she talked with a family who was new to the Kirkland area, and that they said Halls-O-Ween would be their family’s  new tradition.

NU faculty members also participated in the event. Some faculty members walked through the halls with their families, while others were faculty judges. These judges combined with votes from children who voted on their favorite halls determined which floors won any of the three awards for the evening, which included the Critic’s Choice Award, first place Kid’s Choice Award and second place Kid’s Choice Award.

The Critic’s Choice Award, determined by faculty judges, was given to The Pride floor for their portrayal of  “Frozen.” After walking through all the floors, kids were allowed to vote on their favorite floor to determine the winners of the two Kid’s Choice Awards. First place Kid’s Choice Award was given to The Hive, whose theme was “Tarzan,” and second place Kid’s Choice Award was given to The Sisterhood, whose theme was “The Little Mermaid.” These winning floors were given various prizes including coffee and donuts, pizza, and other mass quantities of snacks and treats.