By Kathryn Anderson

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, Advent Anglican, a church that recently began meeting in Butterfield Chapel on Sunday mornings, joined Northwest University to host Ash Wednesday services. The morning and evening services were held at the HSC fireside, and Spiritual Life Credit was offered to NU students.

NU English department professor and Advent Anglican deacon Dr. Jeremiah Webster led the evening service. He began by reading a brief explanation of the purpose of Lent.  

“It is a way of preparation for Easter,” Webster said. “This service reminds us of our mortality and our need for redemption that Christ came to provide through his Easter resurrection.”

Webster led students and Advent church members through 45 minutes of liturgy. The liturgy included readings from scripture, prayer, and the imposition of ashes on the attendants’ foreheads. Finally, the service closed with a hymn.