Photos by Corban Phillips

By Danielle Nye

Northwest University’s favorite campus cafe has recently undergone a complete makeover, refreshing its look and revamping the drinks. The interior has been remodeled to feature sleek white subway tile, a new bar with a white marble top, and gray walls to match.

The coffee served has also been changed, as the cafe has partnered with a different roaster: Caffe Lusso. The Aerie exclusively sells Lusso’s rich and deep espresso, and many are praising it as a much-improved change.

“I’ve been asking for a new espresso machine for years so that we could make some real coffee around here, so I’m happy,” said Stephen Stewart, who is starting his third year as manager of the Aerie.

In addition to the new coffee supplier and layout makeover, the Aerie has had to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions in order to keep students safe while supplying them with their caffeine fixes.

“We just have to take cleaning and common sense to the extremes. We’re doing the best we can,” said Stewart when asked how the cafe is adapting.

There is now a plexiglass guard in place between the cashier and customer, in order to minimize any exchange of germs that may take place while ordering. The Aerie also asks that customers always wear masks while in the cafe, even when seated, whenever they are not taking a drink from their cup. This protocol is standard across campus.

When asked whether he thinks students are pleased with the changes, Stewart said, “Absolutely, though I look forward to when COVID dies down and we can make The Aerie a little more homey again.”