By Marietta (Mary Beth) Barrett

There is much that goes on behind the scenes of the CampusClear app.

Denise Johnson, Director of the Wellness Center and COVID Coordinator, has a myriad of information about the app.

Johnson explained the CampusClear app was generously offered for free. It was chosen through a consensus of the Wellness Center and the IT faculty members. It is especially NU friendly, due to it being designed specifically for universities.

According to Johnson, the utilization of CampusClear has been successful thus far. The app successfully works to keep the Wellness Center informed and to fulfill government obligations. However, participation is not as high as desired. As of November, only about half of current NU students were completing the daily clearing, despite it being a requirement.

The use of CampusClear is a necessity. It is a government requirement, and verification of completion can be demanded by any professor or staff at Northwest University. Besides authoritative necessity, filling out one’s symptoms on the CampusClear app each day protects everyone on campus. “(I)n this era of a pandemic, these are things that we really need to know,” asserts Johnson. Do not ignore the feeling of illness—report it on the CampusClear app.

If one reports any COVID-like symptoms on CampusClear, the app will immediately insist that they stay home (or in their dorm/apartment). Johnson will later see the report and send an email with the proper guidelines for the individual to follow, such as staying away from others.

This individual can then return to class and his or her socially distanced life after being fever free for 24 hours, if his or her symptoms are improving, if he or she feels well enough to successfully go to class or if the individual’s COVID test results came back negative. It may be a challenge to stay isolated for a bit, but as the old adage goes: ‘better safe than sorry.”