By Marietta (Mary Beth) Barrett

The Barton foyer got a new look this year. Kristian Andal, the Director of Facilities for National Management Resources, shares the interesting process of changing this area from IT and mail services to a prime place to study.

Northwest University hired Transblue, through National Management Resources, to do the construction of the Barton foyer.

The project’s purpose was to “create a bigger space for the Creatio program,” Andal states. As such, the mail facility, along with the Informational Technology facility, were moved to create this bigger space.

The project took 3 ½ months to complete, though they originally planned to have it done in two.  However, they “worked very hard to get the project done as quickly as possible,” he assures.

There were a few reasons for the extended project. COVID-19 made the process more time consuming, and there was an interesting wall to remove. This wall extended down into the basement. Therefore, when it was extracted, a large hole was left in the floor. Obviously, something had to be done. They decided to place a metal strip over the hole.

This is not just any metal strip, though. It is up to earthquake standards and will move with the Barton building if seismic activity ever occurs.

Besides these two problems, communication had hiccups between Andal and Transblue. Andal explains that there was a lack of updates from Transblue, which kept National Management Resources from being fully aware of the construction process.

Thankfully, this did not stop the project from being completed. Creatio is quite taken with the new foyer, says Andal. After the main construction took place, Creatio and Marketing brought in furniture. It has a new, organized, enriched look. It is a great place to study or visit with others.