By Valarie Hintz

The wellness center is an extraordinary yet underused resource here at Northwest University. It offers many unique services to all students, ranging from basic medical help to counseling and nutrition experts; it has something for everyone.

Denise Johnson, director of the wellness center, gave some insight into some of the most popular and underused services at the wellness center. The four main areas that the wellness center offers are counseling, medical, nutrition, and the waiting/self-care room. As of very recently, the self-care room has just reopened with two massage chairs available and a maximum capacity of four. The room includes aroma therapy, classical music and a water fountain.

One of the lesser-known services at the wellness center is the dietitian. When asked what the most underused resource at the wellness center was, Johnson said, “The underused services here at the wellness center is definitely the dietitian people do not realize how the way they eat affect their mental and physical health.”

The dietitian can be an amazing resource to help young students navigate the Caf and eat in a way that can benefit all parts of their life. One new service offered this year at the wellness center is Covid-19 testing. Covid testing offered at the wellness center is perfect for students who do not have access to a car to safely get a Covid-19 testing location without endangering any of their close friends or family. If you are planning on taking a Covid-19 test at the wellness center, be sure to bring your insurance to avoid any large lab fees.

If you are ever hoping to check out the wellness center but are not sure where to start, try checking the life at NU events page. There you can find information about free weekly Zoom sessions where they talk about solutions to common problems for college students like anxiety and stress.

All in all, the wellness center has many amazing opportunities for all students, and they cannot wait for you to stop by!