By Emma McFarland

Brennan Hinton, a FIRS/apartments senator and junior pastoral ministry major, proposed the development of a new system to reorganize textbook resale at Northwest University. After speaking to constituents, Hinton recognized the need for a streamlined textbook system to replace the current Northwest University book exchange Facebook group. Hinton said, he hopes to create a “streamlined universal format, through the school.”

While Hinton is not entirely sure what this will look like, he has been discussing the process with Director of Student Life, Larissa Lilly. They have discussed several options, including the possibility of developing a Northwest specific book trade app or working through the library. Hinton came to the conclusion that the resale page should run through Eagle. He says they “didn’t want a middleman, this way all students have Eagle.” The use of Eagle promotes several benefits including alumni access, a set structure and could be moderated by IT.

As of now, the Facebook page asks for, but does not require, a specific structure to post a textbook listing. With the Eagle resale page however, Hinton wants to require information about the textbook being sold before a post can be uploaded. He hopes it would require basic info about the book, including course name, number and textbook edition. Along with this, the page would be moderated, and sold books and listings past a certain date would be marked as sold or removed. This would solve the issue of reaching out about a textbook and finding out it has been sold, but not removed from the Facebook page.

Hinton explains that he has been in contact with IT, but due to Hyflex and Coronavirus-related technology demands, he does not have a projected date for when the page will become available. You can continue following ASNU on Instagram and stay updated on Hinton’s proposal as well as other ASNU project proposals through their meeting minutes on Eagle.