By Katana Liebelt

The five student leadership departments—SAB, Mosaic, Campus Ministries, Residence Life and ASNU—have selected their student leaders for the 2021-2022 school year. Decision letters were sent to applicants over Northwest’s spring break on March 11, and formalized decisions have yet to be publicly announced due to the tentative nature of student responses. Nevertheless, most departments had newly selected student leaders who were willing to discuss their future positions.


Junior Alissa Accetturo, an Educational Studies major, was chosen to be SAB Director. Accetturo applied for this position because she wants to create opportunities for students to feel included and to connect with each other. The responsibility to plan fun activities was an added benefit for her. She hopes she can lead SAB “to bring joy back into campus” for 2021-2022.

As a student at Northwest University, Accetturo has been an RA for Beatty 100, the Red Lion and Beatty 200. She said, “I’m looking forward to doing something a little bit different than Res life. Res Life has been so fun and so good, but I’m excited to expand my expertise in something a little different. I love to plan fun things, get people excited and rally up people to have these really fun times.”


Blake Small, Director of Multicultural Life and Mosaic’s faculty advisor, commented on Mosaic’s new student leaders.

“The Mosaic team that we have selected for next year is full of energy, ideas and hope,” Small said, “I feel that this team will play a vital role in our community as we continue to be faced with cultural moments that call our faith into action.  I am very excited about this team and the newness that next year will surely bring!”

Campus Ministries

Sophomore Eavan Gilhuly, a Cultural Psychology major, applied for the Missions Student Coordinator, Life Group Coordinator and RA positions. She received a position in Campus Ministries as the Missions Student Coordinator, her dream position. Last year, Gilhuly applied for these positions but did not receive either; however, this year God called her to apply again as a Mission Coordinator or an RA.

Gilhuly said, “I wanted the position because I seriously have a heart for missions and also a heart for the NU community and students here.”

She sought to serve students by helping them understand that they are missionaries all the time, not just in the field.

“I’m really excited just to talk about missions all the time because it’s my passion,” Gilhuly said, “And I’m excited to dive into what God has, work alongside different leaders and really be a part of what God has in this campus.”

Residence Life

Junior Makenna Kahler, a Human Communications major, received the Resident Assistant (RA) position for Beatty 300. She said that God initially put the RA position on her heart. As she explored the position, she saw an opportunity to show Jesus’ love and navigate college life with people. She appreciated how people were there for her and sought to be there for others.

Kahler said she looks forward to “being able to essentially have, in my job description, the things that I already like to do with people. So, I really enjoy getting to know [them], like being able to pour into their lives and show that I care about them.”


Unlike the other student leader, ASNU leaders are selected through a student body election. This school year, students elected Brandon Jones as ASNU President, Gracie Robeson as Vice-President and Alex Hernandez as Chief of Staff for the 2021-2022 school year.

Robeson said she re-applied for ASNU Vice President because “having served in the role [in 2020-2021] I’ve gotten to be just a part of seeing it grow and become more…of an organization that positively influences and impacts the student body.”

She hoped that the impact made during her time on the ASNU Executive Team would outlast her time at Northwest University. Since Robeson served as Vice President for nearly a year, she hoped that ASNU would improve and continue what they started this year. Her goal for ASNU 2021-2022 was to become more present and involved on campus. This goal should be easier if COVID regulations and restrictions lessen.

Unlike Robeson, Hernandez did not re-apply for her previous position. For 2020-2021, Hernandez has fulfilled the role of ASNU senator for the Guy Residence Halls. Hernandez said, “I thought it would be cool to continue working in ASNU, go to the next level almost and work with people who are going to care about their team and…what we do for the school.”

Preparing Our 2021-2022 Leaders

All students who applied should be commended for their desire to serve regardless of their application results. If you did not get a position, trust God, and know that you are still valuable.

Martina Preston, first-year sophomore English and Communication Studies major, applied for Campus Ministries’ Student Missions Coordinator and SAB’s Event Coordinator. Although she did not get either position, she planned on getting involved with Orientation and volunteering to help with SAB events.

Like Preston, students interested in getting involved in leadership can volunteer with the different departments. We encourage students to pray that God would guide and prepare our student leaders as they begin to lead our community for 2021-2022.