By Kelly Malcolm

New boba tea places have been popping up all around the city of Kirkland, but how about the one newest and nearest to the Northwest campus?

DIY Tea Lab is a new spot that is located about three minutes down the road from NU. It has many options of tea and boba along with some selections of food. I personally chose to order their popular Brown Sugar Ruby Black Milk Tea. I found my choice to be well worth the five dollars I spent, but others have different opinions.

I went with fellow NU student Valarie Hintz. Hintz ordered the same drink and said, “I thought it was fine, but I have definitely had better. The tea was good, but the sugar was all settled on the bottom and the boba itself had an interesting consistency compared to what I’ve had before.”

Good news is, the prices are relatively low, and there are enough options that it all somewhat evens out.

Another Northwest University student, Keely Guisinger, has had their food options as well as their White Peach Oolong Fresh Milk Tea. Guisinger commented, “I honestly loved the tea and boba. It’s kind of weird that they have food options in a tea place but the food was a lot better than I was expecting.”

The overall experience at DIY Tea Lab was also noteworthy. The interior is clean and well-decorated with ample seating (for pre- and post-COVID). There is a self-ordering station and an in-person cashier that can take your order.

They are also adapting well to COVID regulations set by the state. They offer pick-up and delivery for all their products and do it all with great customer service. The biggest question that needs to be asked is should you give your business to DIY Tea Lab? The answers may vary, but on average the experiences seem to be positive! Check them out for yourself at 967 Sixth Street South, Kirkland, WA 98033.