By Valarie Hintz

Screaming Eagles Week (SEW) is one of the most talked about events at Northwest University. Thankfully by the grace of God and with a few minor changes, the students will get to participate in the beloved spirit week.

One of the greatest changes to the event is the shift in timing from fall semester to spring semester.  with this shift, SEW will begin Monday, April 5 and conclude on Friday, April 9. The week will be full of exciting new challenges and events every day.

In honor of the 20th annual SEW or the Vicennial Valor as it has been named, there will be a few additional changes. Tayler Ransom, the SAB graduate assistant, commented, “This year marks the 20th anniversary of Screaming Eagles Week, and we wanted to put on a show that was something like never before.”

The organization of living areas is one of the most drastic changes this year. Instead of each floor being its own team, each team will be organized by living areas so there will be only 4 main teams. The new teams this year include Guy Perks Crowder (GPC), Gray Beatty (GB), Apartments and Firs overflow and off campus (FOO).

As per tradition, there will be the usual 5 days of SEW including one daily challenge and nightly event each day. To accommodate covid guidelines all nightly events will be available via livestream and will only have a designated number of in-person participants. The only exception is the first night’s event—dodgeball, which will take place on the green fully lit and open for all students.

Even though this SEW is different from past years, there is still a lot of excitement for what is to come. Over the past year there have been very few things to call normal, SEW is one tradition we get to hold on to and enjoy during this pandemic.

Brandon Jones, SAB’s student director, said, “There are a lot of fun changes this year and we are really excited to have people participate in person.”