By Valarie Hintz

Choralons is one of Northwest University’s most popular student groups, but, like many other things, Choralons looks very different this year. The 110-person gospel choir is usually performing all year while touring at churches around the area. Additionally, the group usually takes a trip over spring break to perform at other locations throughout the nation. Last year, Choralons was blessed to visit Hawaii in March right before the COVID-19 shutdown. Because of COVID-19, this is the first year in many that there was not a tour over spring break.

This year, Choralons has yet to perform, but the group is looking forward to holding their first performance of the year at the President’s Banquet on April 23. Choralons released a beautiful Christmas recording where each student was able to submit a clip of their singing and have them all put together.

Along with a lack of performances, Choralons has also seen some changes in how they rehearse, Zach Shelton a junior accounting major and R.A. said, “What would normally be a three day a week class with the entire choir, is now a once a week or once every other week small group.” These small groups are one of the biggest and most consistent changes for Choralons.

While many of the students miss being in a large group, there is still good to come from some of these differences. Madeline Knowlton, a freshman this year, had this to say about singing in small groups. “I feel the small groups have given us the opportunity not only to work on our individual parts more, but also to get to know more Choralons members more,” Knowlton said.

Some of the changes happening can be hard to get comfortable with but there are still things to look forward to. Choralons may look different but they are still serving God the same just looking a little bit different.