By Taylen Walks

Lake Union Hot Tub Boats are a unique experience that only Seattleites can indulge in. According to the boat operator, there are only six hot tub boats available in all of the US. How many are available in Seattle? All six of them. Grab five of your friends and dive into this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

As you approach the boat port, the smell of burning wood permeates the air as you get closer. Following the scent of the fire, you come across a small shack that turns out to be Lake Union Hot Tub Boats.

When you first get there, they iterate to you that our safety is their first priority, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have you fill a liability waver as they explain the ins and outs of controlling the boats to make sure you stay as safe as you can. They make sure that you are wearing your masks all throughout their facilities all the way up until you take off in the hot tub boat.

After they finish the introduction to the boat, the bring you into a little heated changing room to get into your swimsuits and put all of your personal belongings into a lock box to keep them safe. They provide waterproof phone cases so you can use your phone as much as you want while out on the lake. They also provide towels for you in the changing room, so you do not need to bring you own.

The boat itself has a small motor that is really easy to operate. The water in the hot tub portion of the boat is heated by a wood fire, which allows you to regulate the heat however you want. When the water gets too cold, you open the lid to the fire to give it more air; that makes the water get warmer. When the water gets too hot, you close the lid to the fire to make the fire die down that allows the water to get cooler.

Each session is two hours long and costs $400. While that may seem like a lot, you can gather five of your friends and split the cost.

If you need a good relaxation day, these Lake Union Hot Tub Boats are exactly what you need. Sitting in a hot tub while floating across Lake Union with the Seattle skyline in the background is as relaxing as it comes. Plan a day with five of your friends and have the experience of a lifetime!