By Kelly Malcolm

We all know what quarantine was like at the beginning of March last year. We had to begin new routines and navigate our new lives from home. From this, TikTok quarantine trends started to emerge, giving everyone on the app something new to try (or watch others try).

As we pass the one-year mark from when coronavirus first began to shut down the United States, let us take a look at the trends that we have all somewhat forgotten and revisit some of the weird or useful things we have since moved on from.

If you have TikTok you know that new trends go viral all the time. However, these three trends might just be the most iconic from the start of March 2020 until around July of 2020. The first of these is the infamous whipped coffee trend. In this trend, you mix instant coffee, sugar and water into a bowl and whip it consistently for around 7 minutes (depending on which video or recipe you use). After the mixture is fully whipped, you pour it on top of a glass of milk and enjoy! Many users said the mixture was great, while others said it was overrated. Regardless, this trend was around for a long time and remains a huge mark of the beginning of quarantine.

The next trend I am sure most everyone will know, even outside of TikTok users, is watching the documentary, “Tiger King.” This Netflix original tells the story of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin. Joe Exotic is a cat zoo owner who profits off the inhumane treatment of his animals, and Carol Baskin is trying to shut his establishment down. Carol Baskin is also suspected of killing her husband. The documentary gained traction on TikTok after people began dressing as Exotic and Baskin and dancing to “Tiger King” themed songs, also written by TikTok users.

The third and final trend that should be noted in this memorable time period is the Chloe Ting two-week shred challenge. Chloe Ting, a fitness YouTuber, released the two-week shred challenge in August of 2019, but the series of videos began to gain the most traction around June of 2020. In this challenge, Ting has a video for every day for two weeks that feature new ab workouts each video. TikTok users would do this challenge, showing before and after photos.

In summary, these trends are a large part of what quarantine was, and they all definitely hold a weird, but nevertheless special place in my, and many other’s, hearts. May we look back and appreciate the memories we made, and look forward to what may come in the future.